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Seattle Craft Beer History

Washington State has always been brewing up fresh beer.  From our most historic and brewery, the classic lager beers of Rainier Beer are still drank today.  This iconic beer can always be found by a beer drinker in Seattle.  Rainier Beer dates back to 1878 only 11 years before Washington was even a state.  Today the beer is no longer brewed in Seattle but the brand and legend continues to pour strong.  Thanks to the early days of Rainier Beer, Seattle was inspired to produce more and more beer.  To learn more about the history of Rainier beer and the Seattle Beer Culture check out this site.

The rich history of brewers in Seattle has even lead to a book being published in 2011 by Kurt Stream.  Check it out

Besides our first brewery Washington now has over 175 breweries in the state.  From our great water from mountain streams, many varieties of hops and our local grains, Seattle uses our natural resources to create many varieties of beer.