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You'll visit three distinct breweries in three hours on a beer tour with Road Dogs (and get to take home a cool t-shirt and souvenir pint glass to boot). You'll be provided with safe transport along the way and the opportunity to make new, like-minded friends. Inside the breweries, you'll become acquainted with the facts and figures of what goes into a beautiful brew. Information on the history, culture and technical aspects of a good brew will be freely dispensed -- and so will the beer! Learning has never been more delicious.

Whether you've just turned 21 or can't remember being 21, a brewery tour with Road Dogs is an unforgettable experience for alcohol enthusiasts new and seasoned. You can even opt for a Private Tour for a great night out for your whole group. The length of the tour, breweries visited and even the pick-up location can be customized when you book a Private Tour.

Our brewery tours are available at regular intervals throughout the day, ready to provide a relaxing break in between the museums, parks, theaters and many other exciting activities that Seattle has to offer. If you refuse to "go with the flow" when it comes to mainstream beers, then a tour awakening you to the best of the best is definitely for you. Fun is on tap when you book a beer tour with Road Dogs!






Seattle is a great drinking city.  We love our beer, coffee and rain.  So we have created our Road Dog Tours that are focused on embracing what the Emerald City has to offer.  On a Road Dogs Seattle Brewery Tour will visit 3 local breweries in about 3 hours.  We start our beer drinking adventure in downtown Seattle where we will pick you up and take you to the best breweries in Seattle. 

Our Tour guides are here to lead you down the path to great brewvana and explain the best of what craft brewing is all about.  Once we arrive at our first brewery we will start sampling lots of fresh beer brewed by some of Seattle’s best brewers.  While at each brewery we will have plenty of time to discover what makes a brewery work, explore the brewery and of course sample great beer.  After we soak up the brewery scene we will visit 2 other breweries where we will enjoy more of the same brewing experience before ending our beer adventure back in downtown Seattle.

Road Dog Tours offers two types of brewery tours, our Private Brewery Tour and our Join In Brewery Tour.  Both brewery tours are similar in that we visit 3 breweries.  The difference is if you want to book the entire van you may do this option as a Private tour.  Our Private Brewery Tour is for up to 14 guests and we can have a bit more flexibility in picking the routes as well as picking up at your specific Seattle location.    The Join In Tour is perfect for those that want to meet other beer lovers and share a great beer drinking adventure.  This brewery tour can range from 2 to 14 guests.  Both are the same great brewery tour but basically depends on big your group size is.  Regardless of how you would like to book a tour, we have a great time exploring the Seattle brewery scene.






Seattle currently has over 40 breweries in the area, and we rotate our brewery tours from this great selection. From nano breweries to the larger craft breweries, each Seattle brewery has its own characteristics and charm. Not to mention, each brewery has its own unique style of beer that offers many flavor profiles for all locals and out-of-towners to enjoy. On a Road Dog Seattle Brewery Tour we may visit some of the following Seattle breweries listed below:


BAD JIMMY'S- Bad Jimmy’s is the creation of five friends: Billy Burdick, Seth Mashmi,  John Stinson, Jill Kramer and Greg Gramenz.  After winning some of the local “homebrew competitions” in the area, with their Red Ale and Irish Strong Ale, they decided to open up their own brewery. These guys, and gal, are the newest kids on the block to open up shop in the Ballard area, just north of downtown. The beers are described by the brewers as being “Intense Ales”.  Big bodied brews with nearly double the ingredients regularly used in brewing. Bad Jimmy’s has a love for beer, and they want to share that with you.

BIG AL BREWING: The slogan for this southwest Seattle located brewery is “Live your dreams...drink ours.”  Former home-brewer Alejandro Brown opened up his brewery in 2008 and has been thriving ever since.  You can always find great beer and a great local vibe in their tasting room which is draped in soccer scarves, providing the feeling like your in an English style pub. Big Al’s is responsible for such Seattle favorites as the Big Hoppa IPA and their Irish Red, to beers especially created for the Tutta Bella Restuarants located throughout Washington State.




COUNTERBALANCE BREWING: Owners Frank Lawrence and Jeff Howell met in their previous careers at Seattle's specialty coffee mainstay, Caffe Ladro. While there, they both developed a great working relationship, a mutural desire to enjoy life, and a shared love of great craft beer. After messing around with homebrewing and a business plan for a few years, Counterbalance Brewing finally opened its doors in 2013, and hasn't looked back since (there is no time to!). The goals of Counterbalance are simple: "Create and share delicious beer, happiness in work and life, and humor for a serious world."


- This brewery was created due to a love of their surrounding community and history, as well as, a true desire to show how local ingredients (organic if possible) can create wonderful beers. The owner and founder is Matt Lincecum, who is a environmentalist as well as home brewer. Once, a lawyer,  specializing in beverage and hospitality law, Matt decided that rather than spending his time making other people dreams come true, he would focus on his own.  The brewery was born in 2009, and and has expanded to feature a wonderful beer garden out front.  The popular beers here, include the Interurban IPA and Universal Pale Ale, with many great seasonals added on the taps throughout the year.

- One of the largest breweries in the city of Seattle, Georgetown Brewing is the home of Manny’s Pale Ale. A couple of local homebrewers, Manny Chao and Roger Bialous, started out in a garage and now operate on a 60 barrel system with multiple 90 and 120 barrel fermentation tanks. They currently brew around 47,000 barrels of beer annually, which puts them in the top 75 breweries for production.  The current capacity however lends them to brew nearly 100,000 barrels a year if they needed to.  Making great beer for the last 10 years, the brewery moved to its current space in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle in 2008.  Besides the Manny’s Pale Ale, they also offer Roger’s Pilsner, Choppers Red, Georgetown Porter and the Lucille IPA.

HALE'S- Founder Mike Hale spent 1982 in England, cycling through the countryside, and sampling beer.  Throughout his travels, Mike developed a great appreciation for the traditionally brewed ale styles of the smaller breweries. When he return, he opened his own brewery in Washington, on Independence Day of 1983.  Now Hale’s Ales has the capacity to brew right around 20,000 barrels of beer a year. The 30 barrel, stainless steel, gravity fed brewhouse is right in full view of the patrons.  The fermenting room sits behind 15’ tall panes of glass where the onlooker can gaze upon mirrors on the ceiling that look down into these massive vessels.  Here you can watch the yeast do their thing, yet maintain a sterile environment.  With 12 year round brews and rotating seasonals, Hale’s Ales has something that everyone will fall in love with.

- Currently brewing an homage to the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks fans, known as the 12th Man, Hilliard's launched The 12th Can at the beginning of the 2013 NFL season.  Opening their doors in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle in 2011 there was a focus on obtaining only the very best ingredients to create the beers.  Hilliard's was only the second craft brewery in the state of Washington to have owned and operated it’s own canning line.  The brewhouse and tasting room are inside an old industrial space that was originally built in 1947.  The staple beers in cans are the Pilsner, Saison, Amber, Chrome Satan and Blonde.  


- Founded in 1993 by Mac Rankin and Jack Schropp, this is one of the largest breweries in the state of Washington.  In 2001 they were able to produce 24,000 barrels of beer for sale, using the workforce of a limited staff. By 2010, the American Brewer’s Association ranked Mac & Jack’s as the 39th largest craft brewery in the country by volume sold.  The flagship beer, African Amber, started out has a house beer for the Park Pub, which is located near the Woodland Park Zoo.  The ber was named by Bruce Springer, who was the owner of the pub at the time; he played off the zoo theme to create the now infamous name.  Mac & Jack’s now produces close to 45,000 barrels of beer annually.

- Owners Bill and Alex bring traditional English style ales to the historic district of Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood.  Brewing small batches, in a 7 BBL system, these guys make their beers in a building that was once the “MACHINE HOUSE” of the old Seattle Brewing and Malting Company.  The goal is to bring back and deliver the rich authenticity of sessionable (easy drinking) ales.  The beer is cask conditioned, which is unfiltered and without the addition of carbon dioxide or other gas, and has a moderate level of alcohol and bitterness.  The year round beers are the Golden, Bitter, and Mild.   The desire to bring session beer and the classic English pub experience to Seattle has made this a popular spot, especially for Seattle Sounders fans. 


- Located in the basement of a 114 year old house in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, this is one of the smaller breweries in Washington. Founded in 2012, br Dragan Radulovic and Nigel Lassiter, they brew on a 3.5 barrel electric system.  Outlander produced roughly 125 barrels of beer in their first year of existence (only brewing the same recipe a handful of times).  The brewery is based on experimentation, so the selection changes from week to week. Past experiments have included Peanut Butter Stout, Chili Amber, Durian Fruit, Sriracha & Cilantro, and they list goes on and on.  They also feature a small kitchen, so there is always something to nosh on while you're sampling these gorgeous creations.


- Founded in 1984, the original name of the brewery was Hart’s Brewing, named after Beth Hartwell who launched the flagship brand.The Seattle Alehouse offers, not only the styles that most people have grown to love, but also uniques creations brewed in-house and found nowhere else in the world. With their 15 barrel system located in the heart of the building, Pyramid is a great spot to hang out before the big game.  Both Safeco Field and Century Link (Home of the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks) are located on the other side of the street, and the brewery offers tailgating before the games. The Pyramid Hefeweizen has won several medals at the Great American Beer Festival over the years.

- Founded in 2011 and opened in mid-summer of 2012, Drew Colpitts (A graduate of the exclusive UC Davis Brewing Masters program) is dedicated to brewing classic styles and strives for perfection in every pint. Seapine supports Washington farmers and vendors and strongly believe that locally made beer is the freshest and best beer around.  Using a 3.5 barrel system and 7 BBL fermenters, which can be seen in their newly opened tasting room, they create an IPA, Pale Ale, Blonde and Stout. Be sure to check out the posting of German Purity Laws about beer from 1516 that hangs behind the bar.

- School teacher Matthew and Heather McClung decided to take their home brewing experience to the next level and go pro in 2006. They began brewing on a half barrel system, on keg at a time, out of a storage unit located under the West Seattle Bridge.  In 2007, they began self-distributing their beer to restaurants and bars across the city of Seattle. Today this husband and wife team are producing 6,000 kegs of beer a year and they have room to grow.  Most of Schooner Exact’s beers take their names from some aspect of Seattle’s lesser-known history. For example, Schooner Exact named its flagship beer, 3-Grid IPA, after downtown Seattle’s unusual and unfortunate street layout, which is based on three disjointed grids.  Another beer, Seamstress Union Raspberry Wheat Ale, pays tribute to the ‘working girls’ of Seattle’s early history.  

- In 2007, Joel Vanderbink turned his hobby and passion into a legitimate business.  After several years of homebrewing in the kitchen of his home, with nothing more than a 5 gallon stockpot set up, Joel took that leap of faith.  In the six years that they have existed, Two Beers Brewing Company, has grown from 100 barrels a year to nearly 6,000 barrels per year.  “The Woods” tasting room in the front of the house offers up to 12 different styles. Joel’s philosophy of “life is just a little more honest after two beers”, is what inspired the name.  Beers on tap include Immersion Amber, EVO IPA, SoDo Brown, Trailhead ISA, as well as lots of seasonals.  Two Beers also launched Seattle Cider Company on August 24th, 2013. 




We offer our tours DAILY.  Our brewery tours are offered at 10:30am, 2:30pm and 6pm.  We can also customize a start time for any Private Brewery Tour. 

We offer two types of brewery tours.  JOIN IN TOURS or PRIVATE TOURS.  Each brewery is similar in that we visit 3 breweries in about 3 hours, the difference is PRIVATE TOURS are for those who want to reserve the entire van for up to 14 guests.

  • JOIN IN TOURS - $79 per person
  • PRIVATE TOURS - $575 for the whole van! (PLUS: We pick you up and drop you off anywhere in the Greater Seattle Area)