Double Dog Club

The Double Dog was created in July 2011 when two girls from Minnesota had such a great time on the first tour that they asked us to go again!  We said ....sure why not!  And this created the Road Dog Tours "Double Dog" Club.  From there it has evolved and had many members who are up for challenges faced by visiting 6 breweries in a day.  Our Double Dog is back to back brewery tours (6 breweries in total).  On top of that not only do guests get there photo on this webpage, the 2nd leg of the tour is half off our regular price.  So if your up for a great time call or email us to arrange for a Road Dog Tours - Double Dog!







 Double Dog Club Seattle Kayla and Andy Atlanta Double Dog Club Seattle Oct 10 2015 Double Dog Club Robert Orzalli Double Dog



With the creation of the Double Dog Tour came the evolution of the Triple Dog Tour.   This is 9 breweries or back to back to back tours.  Few have attempted and completed this feat and as we should, we have posted their images for all to admire.  Congrats!