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Outlander Brewery


Outlander Brewery and Pub (Fremont)
225 N 36th St Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 486-4088 Website

If you havenʼt had a chance yet, be sure to stop by one of Fremontʼs newest breweries, Outlander. These guys are almost always the talk of our tours. Outlander Brewery is a nano brewery and pub specializing in foreign and unique beers and eats. Last year these guys produced 110 barrels of beer. To put that in perspective, Anheuser Busch produced 125 million.

In the basement of a 114-year-old house, Head Brewer, Nigel Lassiter is pushing the boundaries of brewing. In the past, Lassiter has used ingredients like lavender, ginseng, dragon fruit, sriracha, and heather to recraft, craft beer, if you will.

Their brewery is a 1 barrel system (two kegs), which they use to create hand-crafted, more often than not, specialty ales. The brewery is based around experimentation, so the taps change almost weekly. They almost never brew the same beer twice, but will do so if enough people ask them to.

By definition, an outlander is a stranger, a foreigner, but at Outlander Brewing he represents much more. This is how co-owner Dragan Radulovic defines him, “The outlander is the innovator; he is the one who drives change. It is the outlander, whether in mind or origin, who represents the ambitious, passionate pioneer who is willing to put everything on the line in order to make his dream come true. Itʼs often a simple dream, a dream to share his knowledge, his expertise with the ones who call him stranger. And certainly the public may reject his ideas, they may cast him back to where he came from. But does this ever worry the outlander? Never. Because the outlander believes in his ideas. He knows what he is offering is great and he knows others, once they put aside their prejudice, will know this too. He knows that someone who has invested their time, their life, their hopes and dreams behind something cannot fail. And he knows one last vital piece of information– that there have been many outlanders in this world before him and there will be many more to come.”

So stop by Outlander Brewery for some unique craft beer and tell them that Road Dogʼs sent you.



Drew's Brews News November 2014

Drew's Brews News November 2014

The Darkness cometh!
Happy Fall Road Doggers, this is the time when everyone starts releasing their winter beers. Whether they are Imperial stouts or winter warmers the time for big, dark, and strong ales has arrived! The best opportunity to taste a large amount of these beauties is at the Winter Beer Festival at Magnuson Park December 5-6th in Hanger 30. At this event the breweries go “all out”. It’s an event where everyone brings crazy barrel aged beers; they dress up, decorate their booths and let the beer flow like wine!

Beer fact of the Month
Stouts were originally named for the strongest or “stoutest” porters
Awesome history and breakdown of the different types of stouts

Below is a list of beer that available now, or about to be released
Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Co.– Spiced Rhubarb blonde – Most balanced 9.5% beer I have had
Big Al Brewing – Winter Warmer, Nut Warmer
Fremont Brewing – 2 Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star versions available in bottles and draft, “Coffee” and “Spice Wars”
Georgetown Brewing – Oharov Russian Imperial Stout, Lovely Reida
Hale’s Ales Brewery – Wee Heavy Winter Warmer, Bourbon Barrel aged Pikop Andropov’s Rushin’ Imperial Stout
Hilliard’s Beer  - OMG Cookies (Winter Warmer with Oatmeal, Molasses, Ginger), Chardonnay barrel aged Saison
Maritime Pacific Brewing Company – Jolly Roger, Batch 206 Bourbon Barrel aged Porter
Outlander Brewing – Peanut Butter Stout
Pyramid Brewing Co. – Snow Cap Winter Warmer
Seapine Brewing Company – ZOKA Coffee Beer

Upcoming Events in Seattle
November 26 – Brouwer’s hosts the Elysian Brewing Pumpkin Roadshow (8 Pumpkins beers from Elysian and 8 from others!)
December 4-7 – Brouwer’s hosts the 8th Annual Big Wood Festival, Barrel aged beers!
December 5-6 – Washington Brewers Guild hosts the Winter Beer Festival at Hanger 30, Magnuson Park



Pucker Up Buttercup

by Jason Shrum

Sour beers are started to spring up from local Seattle Breweries more and more. Some locations are starting to brew large batches, and some facilities are even looking into opening up separate “sour beer only” locations. The sour profiles of these beverages may not be everyones cup of tea, or snifter of beer, in this case, but we are seeing a larger volume than ever being produced.

If you are not familiar with sour beer, let me break it down for you. Before refrigeration and the advances in the science of fermentation, almost all beer was, to some degree, sour. The culprits were pre-modern sanitation and poorly understood, often naturally occurring bacteria including Lactobacillus and Pediococcus, as well as Brettanomyces yeasts, which can contribute a hint of tartness and characteristic “funky” flavors and aromas. In a development that would make Louis Pasteur, the father of biogenesis, roll in his grave, brewers, especially in the United States, have embraced the time-honored Belgian art of deliberately infecting beer with the same “wild” micro-organisms that generations of their predecessors so painstakingly tried to eliminate. Sours can sit in wooden barrels from 10 months to 2 years on average, and are generally fermented with a fruit additive as well, to pull back a little of the tart. The result:pleasingly sour, food-friendly beer, that is mysteriously complex and wonderfully engaging. One of the best places to sample a sour in Seattle is at Schooner Exact Brewing. Matthew and Heather McClung, owners, have a healthy dose of sours currently in the barrel, but you have to get there fast as these delicious treats have a tendency to sell out quickly. Follow them on social media if you want to hear when the next batch will be released. The latest release sold out in just 4 hours!






Hilliards 12th Can


Hilliardʼs #The12thCan 
by Jason Shrum

In anticipation for the long awaited NFL season we have all been doing our research in order to draft the perfect fantasy football team. Meanwhile, the guys (and one girl) at Hilliard’s Brewing, have been working on creating the perfect Pale Ale in order to help wipe away the painful loss when you realize 3 of the guys you drafted are on Injured Reserve, and one is in jail.

Meet the 12th Can! The Seattle Seahawks are well known for having the loudest stadium in the country. There are more false starts in Century Link Field than anywhere else on the planet. The Seahawks fans are known as the 12th Man. Hilliard’s Brewing Company wanted to honor the spirit of the 12th Man, by creating any easy drinking Pale Ale that would help the daintiest of souls scream out at the top of their lungs, “SEA!”, and to hear the echos of the responders graciously yelling back, “HAWKS!”

The inspiration for the 12th can came to be when Hilliard’s answered the call of Sports Radio 950 KJR. They asked for a local beer to be dedicated to football fans. Hilliard’s put together a combination of Cascade Hops along with Maris Otter and Crystal Malts to form the perfect football season brew.

“To us, a perfect game-day craft beer can’t be dumbed down in taste or ingredients, but it shouldn’t be so over the top you need to switch to something lighter after only one,” says the team at Hilliard’s.

“It’s a super drinkable and a ‘sessionable’ beer,” adds Hilliard’s cofounder Adam Merkl. Meaning, the relatively low ABV (4.5 percent) allows you to drink the 12th Can all game long...yet still stay upright for all those Seahawks touchdown celebration dances in your living room.