Hilliards 12th Can

Hilliards 12th Can


Hilliardʼs #The12thCan 
by Jason Shrum

In anticipation for the long awaited NFL season we have all been doing our research in order to draft the perfect fantasy football team. Meanwhile, the guys (and one girl) at Hilliard’s Brewing, have been working on creating the perfect Pale Ale in order to help wipe away the painful loss when you realize 3 of the guys you drafted are on Injured Reserve, and one is in jail.

Meet the 12th Can! The Seattle Seahawks are well known for having the loudest stadium in the country. There are more false starts in Century Link Field than anywhere else on the planet. The Seahawks fans are known as the 12th Man. Hilliard’s Brewing Company wanted to honor the spirit of the 12th Man, by creating any easy drinking Pale Ale that would help the daintiest of souls scream out at the top of their lungs, “SEA!”, and to hear the echos of the responders graciously yelling back, “HAWKS!”

The inspiration for the 12th can came to be when Hilliard’s answered the call of Sports Radio 950 KJR. They asked for a local beer to be dedicated to football fans. Hilliard’s put together a combination of Cascade Hops along with Maris Otter and Crystal Malts to form the perfect football season brew.

“To us, a perfect game-day craft beer can’t be dumbed down in taste or ingredients, but it shouldn’t be so over the top you need to switch to something lighter after only one,” says the team at Hilliard’s.

“It’s a super drinkable and a ‘sessionable’ beer,” adds Hilliard’s cofounder Adam Merkl. Meaning, the relatively low ABV (4.5 percent) allows you to drink the 12th Can all game long...yet still stay upright for all those Seahawks touchdown celebration dances in your living room.